Lindsay Lohan: Paid $55000 to check into Betty Ford

lohan (1)

Lindsay Lohan is rumored according to one of our sources to have been “paid” by Betty Ford $55000 to check into the A-list rehab facility in L.A.

Lohan refused to check into the Seafield Center which didn’t happen as she decided to ditch it for another rehab called “Morningside” because Seafield refused to allow her to smoke only to find out that Morningside is not actually a “Rehab” but a sort of “sober house”. In the process of this madness Lohan rehired her longtime lawyer Shawn Holley who helped her in the past avoid Jail-time and once again may have rescued the starlet from being thrown back to jail as a deal might be in the works.

In the meantime, Lindsay is staying at Betty Ford and this time she is being paid! According to our sources, LiLo is paid $55000 for the 90–Days stay which far higher than the cash-strapped Morningside who offered to pay $30000 but failed to pay. So far in 2013, Lindsay earned:

* $100000 from the new year bash in London

* $100000 from Charlie sheen + a reported $15000 to guest star in his show

* $115000 from her Brazil trip

* $65000 from appearances (reportedly)

* Thousands more from movies, royalties and others..

Total (so far): Nearly $400000 in 4 months ($100000 per month for doing nothing)

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