Syria’s Assad: The President unveils the “Martyrs” Statue in Damascus University!

Syria’s strongman president Bashar Al Assad made a second appearance this week when he visited Damascus University to unveil the “Martyrs” statue to pay tribute to all those university students who died during the bloody and 2 year-old civil war.

Assad’s first public appearance this week was at a power plant. This comes as the Syrian government shows continuing and surprising confidence and defiance which not surprisingly going hand in hand with the Army’s latest victories as Syria’s armed forces engage in a counter-offensive in Damascus suburbs capturing many rebel-held areas and gaining back control over towns in southern and central Syria. Rebels have been calling for the past weeks the international community and especially the USA to intervene citing that “Chemical Weapons” have been used by government forces against the rebels and civilians.

However, the US and its allies are fearful of a possible intervention as Syria’s staunchest allies Iran, Russia and Hezbollah have shown no sign of seizing the support to Assad


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