A Picnicking Day: Going Out With Mehdi & Ismael


Finally, after along time since we last went out together, we are finally getting together for a much needed rest in the woods!

This is the first time me, Ismael and Mehdi decide to have a day in the woods as I remember since the day we met we only went to restaurants, cafés and hotels! This would be interesting seeing the it is my first picnicking fiasco since ….. A LONG LONG Time! boy oh boy, can I be any more excited. We’re gonna buy food from our university’s restaurants, wear comfy clothes and walk to a beautiful area in the atlas mountains! I seem to be unable to recall the name of this alluring area but fear none, I’ll tell you when I comeback!

Its 11:34 and only 2 hours and a half separates me from going and so I’d better watch DALLAS, and get ready afterwords!