Letters To Margaret Thatcher: Part 1

Since I was a child, starting from the fifth grade to be exact, I’ve been fascinated with Margaret Thatcher.

My Father only spoke about her one or two times but I just fell in love with her title (Iron Lady) and I had no interest in her policies at all (neither do I now seeing I’m Moroccan).

As I grew up, my fascination got deeper and deeper and it was more of a I-wanna-be-like-her fascination and I can for sure say that I personally took some of her characters and integrated them into my life. She was a strong lady who drove Britain away from being too-envolved with Europe and kept it a leading country not a following country and for that, the British should all respect her.

And from Morocco, we mourn the loss of a great, different and once in a lifetime type of a leader. RIP M.T.

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