Morocco’s King: Moroccans Will Die To Protect Him


My love and loyalty to his majesty the king can’t be described or measured. His Majesty is Morocco’s safety valve and without him Morocco will sink in an endless circle of violence and chaos.

I asked many people about what they think about the king, I can’t say some of them were very vocal in criticizing the king however most of the people I asked (I frequently ask people this question, why? Dont know) made it clear that the king is a RED LINE! With that being said, I came to find that people from my region (East of Morocco) love the king more than those in Morocco’s west and reason for that is maybe, just maybe western Moroccans are more modern while those in the east are still attached to the old habit of the Moroccan culture.

Moroccans, whether in the west, east, south or north are profoundly loyal to their king and even the demonstration that the world witnessed in early 2011 in Morocco never demanded the downfall of royalty which analysts interpreted as a sign the royalty in Morocco is as strong as it has been for centuries.


Gaddafi – The Last Will Of Libya’s Leader (Arabic)

There is no denying that Gaddafi ruled Libya with an iron fist but even with all of his negative side, I see that what happened in Libya wasn’t a revolution — It was an attack by NATO-backed rebels.

Gaddafi provided the best he can for his people, he changed Libya from one of the poorest in the world to Africa’s best and most developed country (Factbook). Libya is now swimming in chaos and inner-fighting with no army, no security and nearly a Somalia-like situation that is deteriorating by the minute. Gaddafi was the last of the Arabs defiant leaders, he was a dictator but haven’t you asked a question: Does democracy work in every country? or better, can a US-like democracy work in a country where democracy is not understood and not respected? Before imposing democracy there should be a certain amount of evolution among the people, among the arabs.

I can’t say I hated Gaddafi, I actually supported him against the rag-tag rebels who had no legitimacy whatsoever and in my believe, A Foreign-backed rebellion is NOT a revolution.

Why Moroccans Love AMERICA.


America, the land of the dreams and home of Hollywood is what every Moroccan (and Arab) dreams to go to! I mean don’t get fooled by all the propaganda they show about hating the US, probably 90% of those who claim the US is the devil would kill to live there! Welcome to the hypocrisy of Arabs.

In my mind, people mostly believe that America is the lad where everything can be achieved, where justice is above all and respect is the cheapest thing you can find!  There might be some truth to what they say, I mean where do most of the world’s dictators go to in the case they were good friends with the US? They go to the US! Now I guess they have changed their destination to Russia seeing that the US’s dictator allies are harder and harder to find.

So yeah, money is the key reason for why Moroccans dream about going to the US, not because of hunger, lack of jobs (jobs are hard to find, just like in the US), persecution or even war…ONLY $$$$ 

Al Akhawayn University FUN RUN 2013: Can’t Forget This Day!


Ok, so today was a the Fun Run day organized by one of my university’s leading organizations ‘hand in hand’.

Basically, people run across the city of Ifrane with some being famous athletes and all the proceeds of this race go to charity. After the run, a lunch is served and again the proceeds go o charity. And then, students get to have some fun with people invited from outside the university and who are urged to buy tickets in order to play games and stuff (again $ to charity). 

Before the event began I like other students bought Tombola tickets hoping I could win something! and FINALLY, I won a 1 day stay in a luxurious riad in fes for two!! I was surprised to hear my name while I was dancing it off with friends at the center of the soccer field. I surprised myself in how fun I can be or maybe I just forgot how fun of a person I can be!

At the end, A Gala is held and this year some of the biggest names in the Arab music world are performing such as Cheb Khaled and the Arab Got Talent band “Casa Acrobate” but importunately I didn’t buy a ticket to attend (500 Dh isn’t that cheap you know) But I HAD SO MUCH FUN!