The Syrian Civil War: President Assad Winning


Yes, many believe that the Syrian president is on his way to fall the same way other presidents did in the Arab world but his faith is most notably compared to that of Libya’s deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi who was killed by NATO-backed rebels on October 22nd 2011. 

Those who believe Assad might fall citing the “glorious” victories of the rebels could be as delusional as Assad himself, the Syrian leader is still in control of much of Syria as his regime still controls the country’s biggest cities such Aleppo, Damascus (capital), Hasaka, Latakia, Homs and Hama while most Al Raqqa city fell to the rebels last month in a surprise attack by the rebels. Syria’s army is backed by Russia, Iran and Hizzbolah with some support from China and Latin American countries meaning that Assad although besieged and surrounded by harsh sanctions still enjoys the support of influential countries.

Unlike Gaddafi, Assad didn’t encounter many defections and the Army although plagued with minor defections still is intact and according to the New York Post, over 70000 soldiers are firmly loyal to Assad who also rely on his so-called shabiha (militia) to attack the rebels and it is believed the Assad regime has tens of thousands of shabiha militiamen trained by the best of Iran’s trainers.

Concluding, Assad seems relaxed as he is still in his Damascus palace and as much as many people want him gone I can’t see that happen and I hope it doesn’t because what is happening in Syria WAS a revolution turned by foreign countries into a vicious civil war where fighters from all around the world fight against Assad.


Wafi Abdouss: Dirt Dancing Akhawayn

This Video got me in so much controversy! As you can see, there is nothing wrong (American standards) but, My Moroccans think its impolite and keep in mind that they are the same Moroccans who spend their night in night clubs drinking and doing god knows what!